Webtaxes – the web-based tax management platform.

Webtaxes lets corporations, groups, certified accountants and tax professionals file all their tax returns on line through a web browser, making the whole process simpler, faster, reliable and secure.

With Webtaxes, automate, simplify and optimize your tax management.

Key features


  • Corporate income tax reporting
  • Consolidated group income tax
  • VAT
  • Rent declarations
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Local tax
  • e-filing
  • e-payment
  • EDI certification
  • Approvals workflow
  • Monitoring and traceability
  • Close control of user rights
  • Indicators
  • Alert management
  • Web-based
  • Available on demand (SaaS)
  • Seamless integration with business applications

Quick and easy tax return management, on line

The Webtaxes platform lets corporations, groups and certified accountants manage their tax processes on line. Webtaxes is accessible through a standard Web browser and requires no dedicated software to be installed on client PCs. It automatically incorporates all the latest changes in tax law, generates both electronic and paper returns and handles e-payments.

Full traceability and maximum security for tax flows

With its multi-thread Java architecture, close control of access rights and validation workflow, and a single, shared repository of tax data, Webtaxes has all the ingredients of a robust, reliable and effective tax platform. It ensures full traceability of tax flows, including all transfers to and receipts from tax authorities. With Webtaxes, you can view the status of an operation and associated tasks at all times.

Software as a Service with 24/7 availability

Corporate tax returns require you to prepare large amounts of data in an ever-decreasing timeframe. That’s why it’s critical to have a current, reliable tax management solution certified by the tax authorities. It is vital for groups to be able to keep a check in real time on the status of tax determination work across entities, and to centralize tax returns in a single database. Webtaxes’ Software-as-a-Service mode (SaaS) is designed precisely for this purpose. Webtaxes is accessible 24/7, automatically incorporates tax law changes, and centralizes and records all corporate tax returns, whether you are a small business or a multinational.