«Due to the distances between our facilities and our heterogeneous tax applications, we were having a lot of trouble producing consolidated income tax reports. So we were apprehensive about handling the acquisition of five new companies. With Webtaxes, we got rid of time-consuming data reporting and compilation processes. Webtaxes lets us manage corporate income tax reporting from our subsidiaries in real time in full compliance with the group’s internal security procedures… »

Gaël Hiblot, Directeur Financier de BASF France / BASF France Chief Financial Officer


«We can access the Webliasse platform through a Web browser without having to buy, install, manage and upgrade hardware or software, thereby freeing us from the constraints of having to go through our in-house IT departments. The SaaS model eliminates maintenance tasks and allows users to customize the tool easily without having to ask for assistance from in-house IT teams, which are often located far away in international groups. This makes our tax management job so much easier… »

François Nelson, Directeur Financier de NOKIA en France / Nokia France Chief Financial Officer


«It only took a few hours to set up the webTVA solution, and our teams took to it right away. It’s very intuitive and easy to use, with no need for special training. We have seen numerous benefits since we started using Webtaxes: we have eliminated paper forms and associated correspondence, checking returns is much easier, as is yearly preparation of balance sheets, added to online analyses, reports and closer interaction with our customers. We’re delighted with our choice…»

Stéphane Robert, Dirigeant / Managing Director CEO

Procter & Gamble

«Our choice of an online tax management platform is a natural extension of the group’s tax efficiency policy. The use of WebTaxes by our French and UK teams saves time on tax returns, avoids re-entering data and the attendant mistakes, maintains a strict separation of tasks, allows us to notify our financial department electronically for allocation of funds and encourages a multidisciplinary and multicultural teamwork environment.»

Guillaume Elliot, Tax Manager de Procter & Gamble